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SwBase® Product Family

SwBase family of products provide a web-based environment for various SWIFT related operations from message generation and validation to reconciliation.



Easy to use  Using familiar Windows controls, SwBase products allow the users a rich UI experience where performing everyday tasks is fast and easy.

Easy to maintain  Web technology allows updates to be done only on the server, making deployment easier and significantly reducing maintenance costs. Our products even allow updates while users are connected, without server restarts which cause undesired time loss.

Integratable SwBase software can be integrated to the client institution's intraweb applications, making them an integral part of their infrastructure and providing SSO. Data can be freely transferred between SwBase and host software with many methods available from DB integration to Web services.

Fast Optimized both on  database and user interface to be as quick as possible, SwBase products allow complex queries to be performed on large data sets quickly and easily.

Customizable Although SWIFT is an international standard, every institution performs its business differently, therefore SwBase software is built to be flexible. Custom screens, reports or data acquisition methods can be added quickly.